Trump vs Obama

Who is the better president?

Trump vs Obama

Vote on who you feel is the better president. Leave a comment as to why you feel Donald J. Trump or Barack Obama is the better president. Share this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Stories, Reddit and other websites so we can get a true gauge on what America, and the world, thinks.


  1. I think Barack Obama is a better president because he look at people as equal and Donald Trump is racist, disrespectful, rude, and others.

  2. Donald trump is the best president in the history of time like seriously people are reatarted if they don’t see that

  3. Donald Trump has accomplished more in one year than Obama ever thought about doing in his eight years. Racism was almost dead in America until Obama brought it back. Trump is doing what he thinks necessary to fix the issue, along with the economy Obama and his predecessors destroyed. No, Trump is not a white supremast. The whites are the only ones who are truly being discriminated in this country. He is trying to bring equal rights to the whole nation, pale or burnt, redneck or feminist, fag or bible thumper.

  4. I think that the comments in favor of Trump are comical. They both inappropriately use the word retard, and that alone is a reflection of bad judgment….

  5. Obama actually knows how to talk to and treat all races . Not only that he also knows how to handle situations . Trump only really cares about proving a point & trying to show that America is higher / better than other countries which isn’t going to help ANYTHING !

  6. JennyToldTheTruth

    February 12, 2018 at 2:23 am

    F*** Trump he dont gaf about the lower class who are desperately in more need than the middle class in which he only truly helping. Us lower class dont even exist in his eyes all he tryna do is make a name fot himself he dont care about no blacks/whites or any other race he wants to help the rich ppl become more wealthier. Obama was a bettee President than Trump will ever be because he actually cared and helped each and everyone of us. Why kick (innocent )immigrants out of our Country and so call bring more jobs when they are the ones that slave and work harder than most Americans here. Also Trump is a racist his damn self he has made so many racial slurs towards people that werent American on live tv and social medias. I do not respect him and never will he is not for us he is against us and after his presidency I hope you all realize it. He’s taking credit for the things Obama accomplished not him ! Stop praising a LIAR ! F*** Donald Trump ! His wife feels embarrassed by him for being such a fat liar that only cares about himself and somethings fishy that he would start deporting immigrants when his wife is Russian he should be trying to defend her and make her feel more welcome thats what I would do fight for my love especially my WIFE !! Stop being in denial because Obama did great things by trying to build America up from the bottom started with those in more need but also open to all Citizens!!! Seriously do you guys have a heart . Im not in to this political shit but wrong is wrong right is right know the difference.

  7. F^^k trump, Obama still my president‼️🤣

  8. I was just here for the old Snapchat and I don’t know how I got here🤷🏽‍♂️.

  9. Now y’all already know Donald Trump is NOT a good president… He degrades women, unappreciates them, disrespects black people, and is not trying to help anyone out. Donald Trump is all about fame and publicity. Regardless Barack Obama will forever be my president not that orange carrot looking mush face dude

  10. Donald Trump has sexualized women, made racist comments, made fun of disabled people, and just wants to start world war three because his solution for problems is nuclear destruction which can cause cancer and kill innocent people because the aftermath is destructive. So tell me how tf he’s such a great president.

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